" It is the mind itself that shapes the body "
- Friedrich Von Schiller -
Joseph Pilates' favorite quote

Pilates Benefits:

• strengthened, firmer, toned body
• improved posture and balance
• enhancement of sport activities
• stimulates and energizes the mind / body connection
• corrects imbalances and weaknesses in the body
• daily movements improve with grace and ease
• strengthened and supple spine

The Pilates Method requires focus and willingness to experience movements with precision and awareness of what you are doing with your body. No part of your body is unimportant; no motion can be ignored. Once you have experienced the Pilates Method you will look forward to learning more about your body and how it moves. The emphasis is on doing and being. Your mind directs your body, concentrating on what is happening as it happens. It is a journey to rejuvenate the body as well as to refresh the mind and spirit.