Prescott Pilates Studio / Thumb Butte View  

Our spacious studio is nestled in the Pines of Prescott Arizona.
Located just west of the Courthouse Square, we sit in view of Arizona’s landmark Thumb Butte, surrounded by it’s scenic trails and recreation area.

We offer classical Pilates instruction in private, semi-private and group environments. Our fully equipped studio includes reformers, stability (or Wunda) chairs, spine correctors, cadillac and ped-a-pull.

Most equipment based work uses spring resistance to enhance the core challenge of Pilates, decompress the spine and increase range of motion. Smaller, static pieces are specially designed to stretch and release or stabilize the shoulder and pelvic girdles without strain to the joints.

We are committed to providing the highest level of training and professionalism. All Prescott Pilates instructors have received their intense comprehensive training from highly regarded schools and continue to hone their craft through continuing education and workshops